Thursday, July 7, 2011

Embrace the Camera: July 7th

We have been keeping busy this week trying to get through this California heat, and lately it seems the only escape for us are LONG bath sessions. Lily will insist on staying in the water until her finger tips wrinkle up and look like raisins. Then by the time I wrap her up in her towel and begin to lotion her up she's asleep before I can even dress her. This has been our routine for the last two weeks...and I'm quite enjoying it.

That's my Water Lily...can't get enough of it.

These are the kind of pictures I get when I attempt to get into the frame and hold her still...I'll get lucky if I get a serious face out of her. Yet, this is Lily at 2 and I want to remember her this way for as long as I can.

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