Thursday, July 28, 2011

Embrace the Camera: July 28th

Oh Glorious Summer!

We finally got around to buying the little one a pool this year. We always figured we could simply drive down the coast and spend time by the shore, but this year she kept insisting we allow her to swim. I don't trust the ocean very much in terms of allowing her to swim in it, especially at her age. So we settled for a family size pool and parked it in the backyard...

She was in heaven the moment she stepped in. She would screech, yell, and laugh in that hysterical way that announces she's beyond pleased. As I filled the pool she would stand in one place and extend her arms wide allowing the water to hit her...then dance before doing it again.
When the pool was filled to capacity, the water reached Lily's shoulders when she sat. She would pretend to swim from one side of the pool to the other, when actually she was only crawling along the bottom. Even then she swallowed far too much water and kept coughing it up.

I kept interrupting her session with 'Look at Mommy! Say Cheese!'...she wasn't having it.

Yet, she took time out of her busy swimming session to plant a kiss on her daddy's nose and say 'Thank You' for the pool. He's a sucker for her, and I'm just glad she's not aware of it. Otherwise, she'll be asking for a car next!


  1. Super sweet! All of the pics are fabulous, but I LOVE the ones with Daddy!

  2. Oh, it won't be long... when my oldest was 5 (now almost 15) she asked Daddy if she could take the car and drive to the park! Now she's about to take driver's ed! Looks like the pool is a success for your family! :)

  3. I love that shot with just her head out of the water....beautiful!