Thursday, February 24, 2011

Embrace the Camera: Feb. 24th

We spent our 3day weekend with family and friends, yet before we wrapped up our short vacation...we took a trip to the Natural History Museum. We were there to visit the 'Dinosaur Encounters' exhibit, but mainly to see Lily's expression as she walked through the museum. 

The moment we arrived she began pointing and naming everything in sight. The place was crowded, but she managed to drag me from one spot to another. I can't even count the number of times I bumped into someone, and apologized along the way.

The exhibit on the 2nd floor had an entire room of display bones, furs, and stuff animals...this was better than Chuck E Cheese. No, really.

The white (or yellow in this case) polar bear was the main attraction, and here I was with a prime lens and was only able to capture half his body.

Petting the giant lizard, I say this because to be honest I'm not quite sure if it's a crocodile or an alligator. I should know this, I mean there was a sign and we were there to learn...but obviously I wasn't paying attention.

Looking out the 2nd floor window

I had to hold her closely because she wasn't quite sure what to make of the dinosaur display.

This is the only shot we successfully took of the 'Dinosaur Encounters' performance. The room was SO hot and SO very crowded...the price you pay to get front row seats for your child! 

This is a perfect display of what my daughter does...she tells me what things are, when she wants to go, and where she wants to go. Don't try telling her different, this girl is independent.

My husband took most of these shots, but I have to say this is hands down one of my favorite. Of the day that is...


Amazed by the size of the whale above us.

My favorite exhibit has always been the 'Insect Habitat'...check out these bugs!

I keep telling my husband how the spider on the right looks like a teddy bear. Look at that face...without the scary limbs it would be so cuddly.
It only took 2 hours to visit every part of the museum, but by that time we were exhausted. Lily fell asleep before we got to the car. It was a great day!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Embrace the Camera: Feb. 3rd

Come on grandpa, let’s go!
A daily request from Lily…a direct demand some people would say. She always knows what she wants, and is never hesitant to announce it. Most days all she wants is to be with her grandpa, and as his daughter I completely understand why. Though he gives you a sense of security and strength, you can also sense an amount of love so deep you would never witness its end. My father beams when Lily is present…and laughs louder than anyone at her shenanigans.

Recently, they have been spending time together fixing up the old patio table and benches. He’ll work carefully under the table, and she follows in tow. She’s a mirror to anything she sees, and she’s determined to do the job just as well…making her grandpa pretty darn proud.
She was inspecting his work, and trying to figure out his every move, but I got caught trying to capture it. Cheese!

As she is too young to hold power tools, grandpa taught her how to use a screwdriver instead.

She practiced quite a took her about 30 min. to get it to her liking. It's safe to say that grandpa went back and finished that off. Not bad for her first day on the, it's free labor. What did you expect?

Let's remember she's a girl...well my girl, and she does not like to get dirty much. I don't know what it is with Lily, she loves to get into dirt (or wood chips in this situation)...but she complains later when she's already dirty. Knowing this, grandpa shakes it off and even has to show her that it has all been removed.

While she was hard at work I took this shot...I love it so much that I had to add it. Look at those lashes!