Thursday, July 28, 2011

Embrace the Camera: July 28th

Oh Glorious Summer!

We finally got around to buying the little one a pool this year. We always figured we could simply drive down the coast and spend time by the shore, but this year she kept insisting we allow her to swim. I don't trust the ocean very much in terms of allowing her to swim in it, especially at her age. So we settled for a family size pool and parked it in the backyard...

She was in heaven the moment she stepped in. She would screech, yell, and laugh in that hysterical way that announces she's beyond pleased. As I filled the pool she would stand in one place and extend her arms wide allowing the water to hit her...then dance before doing it again.
When the pool was filled to capacity, the water reached Lily's shoulders when she sat. She would pretend to swim from one side of the pool to the other, when actually she was only crawling along the bottom. Even then she swallowed far too much water and kept coughing it up.

I kept interrupting her session with 'Look at Mommy! Say Cheese!'...she wasn't having it.

Yet, she took time out of her busy swimming session to plant a kiss on her daddy's nose and say 'Thank You' for the pool. He's a sucker for her, and I'm just glad she's not aware of it. Otherwise, she'll be asking for a car next!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Embrace the Camera: July 21st

Though we have been experiencing a heat wave the last few weeks, the weekends spent at the beach have been so much fun. Usually we just hop in the car and drive down the coast with no plans to stop besides getting a good bite to eat. Yet, this day Lily kept calling for Nemo, Ponyo, and every water character she has seen in movies. So despite the fact that she didn't have a bathing suit and we walked down the sand fully clothed and in shoes...we had a great time. 
The water was beautiful, and she kept her eyes on the seagulls with such delight.

She walked the beach feeling the sand between her toes...

and when she finally reached the water she hesitated. She stared out for such a long time, just taking it all in. Then she began calling the water towards her, feeling a little brave she walked step by step a little closer to the shore.

Before she knew it, the water had reached her feet and nearly knocked her over. Her dad was there to hold her hand through it, but she soon decided she would rather sit it out.

She looked pretty content just sitting there until...

She began throwing sand all over herself.

Over and over she kept this up, then I realized I would have to figure out how I was going to get rid of it all. I took her by the car and changed her completely (luckily we carry extra clothes), but she had sand everywhere. By the time I managed to remove most of the sand, we were ready for a treat.

We stopped by our favorite spot...Yogurt Island!

Lily ate one spoonful of yogurt after another...and with every spoonful came a smile from ear to ear.

At the speed this little one ate her yogurt, she exhausted herself.

Then came the sugar high!

Lily was out before the car left the parking lot, and she proceeded to sleep a full 3 hours thereafter. Which meant we had a chance to sit and relax after a great day. What a sweet summer!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Embrace the Camera: July 7th

We have been keeping busy this week trying to get through this California heat, and lately it seems the only escape for us are LONG bath sessions. Lily will insist on staying in the water until her finger tips wrinkle up and look like raisins. Then by the time I wrap her up in her towel and begin to lotion her up she's asleep before I can even dress her. This has been our routine for the last two weeks...and I'm quite enjoying it.

That's my Water Lily...can't get enough of it.

These are the kind of pictures I get when I attempt to get into the frame and hold her still...I'll get lucky if I get a serious face out of her. Yet, this is Lily at 2 and I want to remember her this way for as long as I can.