Thursday, June 16, 2011

Embrace the Camera: June 16th

We finally came around to doing something we had been wanting to do for the last two years...we introduced Lily to the magic of Disneyland!

We had been waiting all this time knowing it would be all the more sweeter when she was old enough to know who all the characters were, and really get into what Disneyland is all about. We watched all the movie classics weeks before, and she memorized everything pretty quickly. Though my husband and I grew up in Southern California, our parents rarely took us to Disneyland...which made going there all the more exciting. I plan to experience that with Lily so we opted not to purchase annual passes.

We woke up on a Thursday, and the first thing I asked her was 'Guess who we're going to see today?'. I pointed at the Ipad playing 'A Disney Christmas Carol', and she asked 'Mickey Mouse?'. She had no idea what she was about to experience.

The ticket booth was nice enough to hand us a '1st Visit' button Lily could wear, and she was eager to have us put it on. I think I was just as excited as she was.

Our first two rides were The Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean, and this was us waiting to enter The Haunted Mansion. She loved every moment, and nothing seemed to scare her...except that teenager screaming in our ear when a ghost scared her. Lily was a true trooper.

We traveled through Critter Country, and sadly the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was closed. But we stood there a bit looking at the mountain nonetheless.
Did you know Disneyland had a petting zoo? A sad looking thing with a few goats but I swear it took us a very long time convincing Lily to move on. Unfortunately, she made an older girl cry by kicking dirt at her shoes. I had her apologize, but the 6 year old would not have it.

We moved on to the one ride Lily had been eyeing since we arrived at Fantasyland...the Carousel. Lily was in full 'Ohhhh...Ahhhh!' in this picture. Again, another situation where we had to convince her we had to move on and there was so much more to see.

We stopped to pet Dumbo...she kept insisting.
We covered all of Fantasyland before we began to get hungry.

After lunch we took out the map, and she proceeded to point out the Sleeping Beauty Castle and Toon Town. She definitely called the shots that day.

How could I resist a Camera Shop? Love it!

We took Mickey's car and drove ourselves to Minnie's House.

Boy does Minnie have uncomfortable love chairs, and a weird taste in fabric. Yet, I fell in love with her magazine rack alongside the chair.

Lily proceeded to take a message for the call she had just answered.

We found ourselves sitting at Minnie's vanity table while she wasn't home, and noticed she's in need of a little cleaning. We could hardly see our reflections, but Lily thought it was the most amazing part of Minnie's house.

Time for tea...if only the intruders behind her would leave the kitchen. Isn't that tea set the cutest thing? I'm digging the chairs too.

We made a wish at the wishing well with 25 cents...does that mean we get 25 wishes?

Mirror mirror on the wall...I looked scared but I believe I was caught in mid sentence. I don't remember what I was saying...something along the lines of  'Whoa, did you see Mickey?'
Tada!!! We made our way through Mickey's house and ended up meeting him. Lily walked right up to him and said 'Hi Mickey!'. She then proceeded to hug and kiss him...take a picture...and even give him a high five. Best moment of the day!

We then watched the parade, and soon after proceeded to ride the submarine. We ended the night watching Captain EO!!! It was the first time sitting through it with the new renovated experience, we were enjoying MJs music and bouncing in our seats. Lily kept the glasses on through the whole movie...she was amazing!

We couldn't leave Disneyland without commemorating the day with a classic Disney hat with Mickey ears...and have it personally engraved with her name. She absolutely loved wearing it...she still does.

12 hours at Disneyland...1 hour nap...and we made it to watch the firework closing ceremony! Then the battery died, haha. What a wonderful day!

So many images and video footage was taken that I promised myself I would complete a short video for Lily. It'll be a compiled video of all I couldn't cover here. That's my next big project.


  1. finally... i been waiting... sooo nice to see her reaction!!! its totally the happiest place on earth!!!

  2. GREAT pictures!! Looks so fun!! We can't wait to take M to Disney this summer!! Hope you've been doing well :)


  3. Oh, how fun! Sounds like a great day together!

  4. Wow..looks like you had a wonderful time..some day we'll get there!!

  5. I have a hat like that from when I was little, with my name on it! :)

  6. What fun memories you created with sweet.