Thursday, May 12, 2011

Embrace the Camera: May 12th

We celebrated Mother’s Day this year the best possible way…together. As I was enjoying the company of my entire family gathered under one roof, I kept focusing my attention to Lily. The fact that she is here amazes me, more so than most people would ever know.  I’ve been a naturally thin person my entire life, and I was never able to imagine my body being capable of bringing a child into this world. Yet, miraculously I not only brought into this world a beautiful baby girl…she also weighed 9 pounds at birth!

One of the nurses in the delivery room mentioned that I would forever be granted the bragging rights of naturally giving birth to a 9 pound baby, and I’m holding her to it. The fact that my body was able to stretch that much, and later adjust to its original shape is something taken out of a science fiction book. This is why I feel so blessed, and never take motherhood for granted…creating a little life and seeing that life flourish is a gift like no other.

My endless desire to capture Lily does occasionally result in her screaming at me. Even as a baby she knew when to express when enough was enough. Which only made me laugh all the more…terrible, I know.

Yet, I could never resist capturing EVERYTHING…even down to the most mundane moment.
Awesome bed head!

My heart is in the right place though, and I do it because I never want to forget this path I’m taking with her. I want to bottle it up, and hold it close…images allow me to do that in some sense.  I never realized how raising a child can lead to such a bittersweet feeling of seeing them grow up far too fast.
Motherhood has changed me, and it will continue to change me as the years go by
…and I couldn’t be more proud to take on that role.  


  1. I remember those pics... so priceless and meaningful... and your right, we are blessed to experienced motherhood... but yet your more blessed to shrink back to your original size... not fare... hehehe... again... Happy Mother's Day Partner ;)...

  2. what a cutie, no wonder you need to blog about her, adorable.

  3. love her hair and eyes! girl...tell me - i had to 9 lb'ers 2 weeks early and a 7 lbr, 6 weeks early. ;)

  4. Thanks Diana and guys are so sweet!

    Danielle, did you say two 9 lbers 2 weeks early? Wowzers! We should have trophies given to us after the deliveries...but you would definitely take 1st place. ;)

  5. Well said :). Bittersweet indeed. And yes, motherhood has matured us.

  6. i'm glad that you wrote all this cute. and 9lbs...DANG. but look how teensy you were.

  7. I love all those shots..they are gorgeous...I especially love the last shot....and congrats on a 9 pound girl!!