Thursday, April 7, 2011

Embrace the Camera: April 7th

     We had been having a rough 3 months, and it seemed as though we were experiencing one thing after another. Through it all I kept a pretty positive outlook and tried to remind myself that I should focus on the blessings in my life rather than the negative. There was the incident where our car got rear-ended, the trip to the ER when Lily's fever wouldn't subside, and the tsunami/radiation scare we had here in California after the earthquake in Japan. I told myself that the car can be fixed and everyone was fine, Lily's fever was gone the next day, and though my heart goes out to all the victims of Japan's's another reminder to cherish life because we are not guaranteed another day.

     So I am focused now even more than ever to cherish every day...the mundane...every moment. I have also learned that Mozzarella sticks makes everything better!


  1. Great photos! And you are right - there is always something to be worried or upset about, but there are millions of other (if somewhat small) things to be thankful for. Bless you!

  2. Great message and great pictures.....

  3. I haven't had a mozzarella stick forever.... now I want one :) Great post!

  4. Sweet message and fun pics.

  5. Hola Lily, gracias por tu post.
    She is gorgeus too!!!
    And the mozarella stick..., i want one.