Thursday, March 17, 2011

Embrace the Camera: Mar. 16th

This weekend my parents gave me a gift...the gift of relaxation. They watched Lily most of the morning, taking her on walks and trips to the store. I had just gotten out of the shower when I heard Lily reading my dad a book...or at least HER version of the book (it changes from time to time). They were also stacking blocks, so I ran and grabbed my camera.

My dad can stay in this position for a pretty long time, most people can't and I'm always impressed. Lily laughed at some point at her own story, and my dad said something that made me realize two things...

1. Lily brings him joy
2. My dad is very sad

He said, 'Ay, chiquita...con tu riza se me va toda la tristeza'.
Translation: : 'Oh little one, with your laughter my sadness goes away'.

My heart beamed and hurt.

My dad’s birthday is soon arriving, and though it marks another year blessed with his presence…it’s also a reminder of his age. He wants more than anything to stop time, and be able to feel how he felt a few years ago. He fears many things that naturally come with age, and at this point in his life…Lily is a welcomed distraction. This little girl…the last grandchild (for now)…does not know the power she has.  
Soon we were off to dinner, but those thoughts lingered. The memories of my childhood with my dad played all through the afternoon and into the night. I smiled with a lump in my throat to know what a great dad he has been, and what an even greater grandfather he has become.  I refuse to look into the future, and wonder what will become of my dad in years to come. He’s here now, healthy and able to feel how much he is loved. As his birthday arrives, I will continue to feel blessed.


  1. It's amazing how a child's laughter can remove all feelings of sadness. I love all the pictures, you have a cutie!

  2. very sweet post. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. This post really gets to me. I understand exactly where you are coming from. Beautiful photos. He sounds like a wonderful man. Beautiful post.

  4. oh, your words gave me a lump in MY throat. i can so understand what you are feeling.
    thanks for writing.

  5. 'Oh little one, with your laughter my sadness goes away' - so powerful. This hits close to home. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Your comment made me laugh! If you live in Maine, you have to be brave and bundle up or you'll go crazy staying inside all winter long. :0)

  7. what a beautiful post, unfortunately my father passed away last year and we are coming up to his 1 year anniversary in the next few days and ironicly today is his birthday. enjoy him while you can, wish i could.

  8. Lovely words to live by...and treasure every moment...

  9. powerful post. Thanks for sharing. With Joy, Carey