Thursday, April 14, 2011

Embrace the Camera: April 14th

My Water Lily...

     A few days ago we took her to visit the USC campus in hopes of picking up new gear before the football season begins. Yet, the moment we get there all she can focus on are all the fountains. Every turn we took displayed one fountain after another.

I kept her at a safe distance...obviously I'm the boring parent.
So she asked her dad to give her a closer look...

My husband had a good hold of her, otherwise we would likely become one of those parents who everyone stared at because they allowed their kid to fall into the fountain.
Plus, I've seen a dog pee in that fountain years ago...
that kind of stuff stays with you.

Oh lookey here...she found another fountain. Yup, there she goes.

You would think that after spending quite some time on campus looking at water...well, it would become boring. Clearly I'm wrong because look at that face, you would think my daughter had never been introduced to water. Come to think about it, this is the kid that will, beg you to take her a bath.
She has nearly cried for one on a few occasions.

Little Foot here found a giant leaf and that was our cue to distract her enough to pull her away from the fountains. It took her a minute to realize what was happening, and she made a scene I would rather not document. Let's just say she caught the attention of a few college kids, and I felt SO much like that parent.

Fortunately, she forgives and forgets quite easily. The tears left as fast as they came. Then I proceeded to tickle and chase her all the way to the car. Please ignore my face in the images above and just focus on her (oh, and my wrinkled sweater).


  1. Super sweet pictures! What a sweetheart!

  2. Love the look of awe captured in her eyes. Great pictures and it looks like a perfect day! :)

  3. adorable photos. the wonder in her eyes is beautiful. funny about the dog peeing in the fountain. my son had a phase where he loved to hug trees. but he was barely two at the time, so he hugged pretty low on the tree and all i could think about was how many dogs peed there. :( yuck-o.