Thursday, October 7, 2010

Embrace the Camera: Oct. 7th

I have decided to change it up this week, and embrace the camera with my husband. They may not be looking directly into the camera, but I love this image all the same. This is who they buds. They were waiting for Lily's turn to ride the pony at the county fair, this would be her very first time.

Watching the horses

Moving on to petting the THIS was more her cup of tea!

The little girl in front of her mimics the goat and instantly becomes Lily's idol. She was seriously impressed...look at that face. ha!

There is no other way to end a day at the county fair but with a mug shot. Sure, the purpose was lost when she insisted on showing her hands...but this is the best out of 10. I say it's still pretty darn good!


  1. she's really so adorable! loved all the photos.

    she looks so inquisitive with her big eyes and smile.

  2. me,too, loved all ur photos here. and ur daughter's eyes, they were doll-like, very pretty:)

  3. These are so cute! Especially love the first two!