Friday, December 10, 2010

Embrace the Camera: Dec. 9th

When my husband came home one day ready to sell me the idea of getting an Ipad, I'll have to admit that I wasn't thrilled with the idea. I had never been an Apple fan, and we surely didn't need another computer in the house. Yet, he was getting a great deal through a friend and he couldn't pass it up. The day he came home with the package he sat down and began downloading apps to show me how we can all benefit from the Ipad. He downloaded a library of e-books for me, connected us to Netflix, and downloaded many educational tools for Lily.

Lily was 14 months old when my husband sat down and went through one educational tool to another. He taught her how to point at animals to hear their sounds, and she quickly caught on. I thought it was the cutest thing...

By 18 months, Lily maneuvered her way through the Ipad like a pro. She would turn it on, sit down, and then scroll down until she found an educational app she wanted to use. She knew all the sounds of transportation (choo-choo), sounds of animals (moo), the alphabet, and many words.

Now, at 22 months...I take joy in watching her learn more and more every day.

She's great at spelling puzzles...

She can identify letters (even though she's bossy about it, ha!)...

She loves all sorts of puzzles, and is darn good at them. (excuse the bad lighting here)

We spend lots of time together learning, so I can't give the Ipad all the credit. I still love the traditional reading a book before bedtime, coloring books, chalkboards, board puzzles, and playing pretend. Nothing can replace those things. Yet, the Ipad does help from having to clean up after her a lot more. ;) 

This was Embrace the Camera Vintage Style...
dedicated to Lily's Godmother Lisa (who loves to see what Lily is learning)
and a huge thanks to my great husband!


  1. kids enjoy watching lily... they want to visit her soon :)

  2. Smart little girl and cute voice :). Now, you're really making me want an iPad(my husband has been trying to convince me for a while now).

  3. Diana: Lily will have so much fun at the birthday party...can't wait to see the kids!

    Anne: Thanks! Haha, your husband will thank me if you get it then. If you do, I would LOVE to see a post on how you use it. :)

  4. the joys of technology! i'm amazed at her skills!

  5. I so identify! My boys are pros at the ipad, too. And my little girl can't wait to get her hands on it! I love watching how quickly they learn to do the little finger swipe! :)

    Especially love the shot of her on the bed. Very cute! Love those shoes!!!

  6. Wow! She's so smart! If you sent this to MAC, maybe they'll cut you a check for your awesome plug...I'm totally sold!

  7. What are your favorite apps for your daughter? We got one :).